Hygro-Temp Controller

Hygro-Temp Controller

Catalogue No. – 13173
panel type, 96x96x110mm DIN size, calibration certificate optional
Input: Capacitive RTD [table “13173” not found /]

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A hygro-temp controller is a device that is used to control and monitor the temperature and humidity levels in an enclosed environment. It is commonly used in industrial, research, and laboratory settings where precise control of these parameters is essential for the proper functioning of equipment and the protection of sensitive materials.

The controller typically consists of a microprocessor, a humidity sensor, a temperature sensor, and a control system that regulates the heating, cooling, and humidification/dehumidification systems in the environment. The microprocessor constantly monitors the temperature and humidity levels using the sensors and adjusts the environment accordingly to maintain a set point.

In addition to maintaining a constant temperature and humidity level, hygro-temp controllers can also be programmed to perform other functions, such as logging data, sending alerts when the temperature or humidity levels go out of range, and controlling external devices such as fans, heaters, and humidifiers.

Hygro-temp controllers are used in a wide range of applications, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage production, and environmental testing. They are essential for ensuring product quality and safety, and for maintaining optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants, animals, and microorganisms.