Micro Tip Box, PP

Micro Tip Box, PP

These boxes are autoclavable. The Box itself is clear providing an excellent view of the tips inside while a table-like structure is provided inside to hold the tips. The tip holding spaces are uniformly placed to facilitate the use of multi-channel pipettes. The cover is joined to the base through ball catcher hinges and provides excellent protection to the tips. Material: Polypropylene

Catalogue No.CapacityPacking
12075/01Flat Bottom72 Pcs.
12075/02U Bottom72 Pcs.


A micro tip box is a laboratory container used to store and organize small, disposable laboratory tools, such as micropipette tips. These boxes are usually made of polypropylene (PP), a durable, chemically-resistant plastic that is suitable for use in laboratory environments.

The micro tip box typically has multiple compartments or wells that can be used to store different types of tips or to separate used tips from unused ones. The wells are designed to fit most standard micropipette tips and are usually slanted or angled to help prevent the tips from falling out. Some micro-tip boxes have a lid that can be removed or opened for easy access to the tips.

In a laboratory setting, micro tip boxes are an important tool for maintaining the organization and hygiene of micropipette tips, as well as for preventing cross-contamination between samples. They are commonly used in molecular biology, biochemistry, and other life science applications where precise liquid handling is required.