Kjeldahl Distillation Assembly

Kjeldahl Distillation Assembly

consisting of R.B. Kjeldahl flask 500ml, multiple adapter two necks, splash head vertical, Liebig condenser, receiver adapter, and dropping funnel 100ml.


Consists of:

– R.B. kjeldhal flask 500ml, NS 24/29
– Multiple adapter 2 neck parallel, 19/26 socket, 24/29 cone
– Splash head, vertical, cone 19/26
– Leibig condenser, 200mm, socket & cone 19/26
– Receiver adapter, 19/26
– Dropping funnel 100ml, with PTFE key stopcock


The Kjeldahl Distillation Assembly is a laboratory apparatus used in the Kjeldahl method, a widely used method for determining the total nitrogen content in a sample. The method is used in various fields such as food, soil, and biological sciences. The assembly typically consists of a Kjeldahl flask, a reflux condenser, a distillation column, a receiving flask, and a heating source.

The Kjeldahl flask holds the sample to be analyzed, the reflux condenser provides a reflux condensation of the sample, the distillation column separates the nitrogen compounds from the sample, the receiving flask collects the distillate, and the heating source provides heat for the distillation process.

The Kjeldahl method involves the digestion of a sample with a strong alkali, followed by the distillation of the released nitrogen compounds into an alkaline solution, and finally, the titration of the nitrogen content in the solution. The Kjeldahl Distillation Assembly is designed to perform this process efficiently and accurately.