Evaporating Basin – Round Bottom

Evaporating Basin – Round Bottom

Evaporating Basin – Round Bottom

Evaporating Dish, with lip, shallow form, glazed inside except for rim and partially outside

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Catalog Number Capacity (ml) Top Outer Dia (mm)
P-163 35 60
P-164 70 75
P-165 80 80
P-166 120 94
P-167 150 100
P-168 250 115
P-169 385 145
P-376 420 150
P-170 525 162
P-171 765 185
P-377 850 190
P-378 1000 200
P-172 1285 215
P-173 2100 265
P-174 3250 305
P-379 5000 355
P-380 8500 400


A lab evaporating basin with a round bottom is a shallow, circular dish used in chemistry and biology labs to evaporate liquids, usually to concentrate a solution or isolate a solid. The round bottom shape allows for easier stirring and mixing of the liquid, ensuring that the liquid evaporates evenly.

The basin is typically made of porcelain, ceramic or borosilicate glass, and has a flat bottom with rounded sides to allow for easy and even evaporation. It is used in conjunction with a Bunsen burner or a hot plate to gently heat and evaporate the liquid.

The round bottom basin is commonly used for small-scale experiments and can hold a small volume of liquid, usually less than 100ml. The basin can be easily cleaned and reused for multiple experiments, making it a cost-effective and versatile tool for lab work.