Electric Field Apparatus

Electric Field Apparatus

Catalogue No. – 16504
for demonstration of electric field
patterns due to various electrodes
configuration. It can also be placed on
overhead projector to show the
demonstration. [table “16504” not found /]


An electric field apparatus is a physics laboratory apparatus that is used to visualize and measure the electric field around a charged object or a collection of charged objects. It typically consists of a flat, transparent plate or grid with a set of conductive electrodes embedded in it, and a power supply that generates an electric field between the electrodes.

To use the electric field apparatus, one or more charged objects are placed on or near the plate, and the power supply is turned on. The electric field between the electrodes causes the charged particles in the air or other surrounding medium to move, creating visible patterns in the electric field.

Electric field apparatus can be used to study a variety of electric field phenomena, including electric field lines, equipotential surfaces, and the behavior of charged particles in electric fields. They are commonly used in physics and engineering courses to teach students about the principles of electricity and electromagnetism.