E.S.R. Stand

E.S.R. Stand

Catalogue No. – 19069

An ESR is a type of blood test that measures how quickly erythrocytes (red blood cells) settle at the bottom of a test tube that contains a blood sample

Catalogue No.Capacity
19069/01for 6 tubes
19069/02for 12 tubes


An E.S.R. stand, also known as an Electron Spin Resonance spectrometer stand, is a piece of equipment used in laboratory settings to hold and stabilize a sample being analyzed using ESR spectroscopy.

ESR spectroscopy is a technique used to study the electronic and magnetic properties of materials by measuring the absorption of electromagnetic radiation in a magnetic field. The ESR stand is designed to hold the sample in place during the analysis, ensuring accurate and consistent results.

The ESR stand typically consists of a base and an adjustable arm with a sample holder attached to it. The base provides stability, while the adjustable arm allows for precise positioning of the sample in the magnetic field. The sample holder is designed to securely hold the sample and can be easily changed to accommodate different types and sizes of samples.

ESR spectroscopy is used in a variety of applications, including material science, biochemistry, and medical research. The ESR stand is an essential piece of equipment in these fields, providing a stable and accurate platform for the analysis of electronic and magnetic properties of materials.