Desiccator (Vacuum), All Clear, PC

Desiccator (Vacuum), All Clear, PC

These Vaccum Desiccators are provided with a transparent polycarbonate bottom that makes it more robust and provides an excellent view of the desiccator. All the other features are the same as PP/PC vacuum desiccators.

Material: Polycarbonate/Polycarbonate

Catalogue No.SizePacking
12031/01150 mm1 Pc.
12031/02200 mm1 Pc.
12031/03250 mm1 Pc.
12031/04300 mm1 Pc.


A desiccator (vacuum) is a sealed container used to store or protect materials from moisture and humidity. Desiccators made of PC (polycarbonate) are clear, strong and durable containers that allow for easy visualization of the stored material.

The “All Clear” designation means that the entire container, including the lid, is made of a clear material, typically PC. These desiccators can also have a vacuum feature, which means that the air inside the container can be pumped out to create a low-pressure, moisture-free environment.

This is particularly useful for storing sensitive materials that can be damaged by exposure to moisture. Desiccators with vacuum feature are commonly used in laboratory, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries to protect and preserve materials during storage.