Density block for Metal Cylinders

Density block for Metal Cylinders

The density block for Metal Cylinders includes a wooden storage block. Each has a different length but each cylinder has the same diameter.


A wooden density block for metal cylinders is a laboratory tool used to determine the density of a metal cylinder. It consists of a wooden block with a cylindrical hole drilled into it, which is sized to fit the metal cylinder.

To use the density block, the metal cylinder is first weighed and then placed into the cylindrical hole in the wooden block. The block is then weighed again, and the difference in weight is used to calculate the volume of the cylinder. The density of the metal can then be calculated by dividing its mass by its volume.

Wooden density blocks are often used for metals that are too dense or heavy to be weighed directly, or for metals that are difficult to shape or manipulate. The wooden block provides a stable and secure surface for holding the metal cylinder in place during the measurement process.