Cylindrical Bar Magnets, Alnico

Cylindrical Bar Magnets, Alnico

Catalogue No. – 16404
strong lasting
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Cylindrical bar magnets made of alnico are a common type of magnet used in physics and engineering laboratories for various experiments and demonstrations. Alnico is a type of alloy composed of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt, with small amounts of other elements such as copper and titanium. It is a strong and durable material that is capable of retaining its magnetic properties even at high temperatures.

Cylindrical bar magnets made of alnico have a cylindrical shape and are magnetized along their length. They produce a magnetic field that is strongest at the poles, which are located at the ends of the cylinder. The strength of the magnetic field depends on the size of the magnet and the distance between the poles.

Cylindrical bar magnets made of alnico can be used to study magnetic fields, magnetic force, and magnetic induction, among other phenomena. They are also commonly used in applications such as electric motors, generators, and sensors.