Masses, Slotted

Masses, Slotted

Catalogue No. – 16005
Individual, Polished Brass

Catalogue No.Weight


Slotted masses are individual weights used in physics experiments to measure the weight or mass of objects. They are typically cylindrical or rectangular in shape and have slots cut into the top or sides, allowing them to be easily stacked and secured using metal bars or other connectors.

Slotted masses are usually made of brass, steel, or other metals, and they may have different weights marked on them for easy identification. They are commonly used in physics experiments that involve measuring the mass of objects and determining the effects of gravity or other forces on those objects.

To use slotted masses, they are added or removed from an object until the desired weight or mass is achieved. They are often used in combination with other weights, such as those in a slotted masses set, to achieve a specific weight or mass.

Slotted masses are a common laboratory apparatus in physics and engineering laboratories, as well as in educational settings where they are used to teach students about weight, mass, and measurement.