Rose, unglazed For High Temperature Applications

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Porcelian Rose Crucible
Catalog Number Capacity (ml)
19406/01 70

The Lab Crucible Rose is a small, round-shaped container made of ceramic or porcelain material, which is designed for high-temperature applications in laboratory settings. It is used for heating, melting, and calcining various substances, and is resistant to thermal shock and chemical corrosion. The crucible has a small pouring spout and a lid that fits tightly, which makes it ideal for experiments that require precise temperature control and minimal loss of sample.

The rose design on the side of the crucible adds a decorative touch to its appearance but does not affect its functionality. The crucible is commonly used in chemistry, metallurgy, and other scientific laboratories for processes such as melting metals, burning substances, and analyzing materials.

The ceramic or porcelain material of the crucible is durable and long lasting, making it suitable for repeated use in laboratory experiments. The Lab Crucible Rose is a useful tool for students, researchers, and professionals who work with high-temperature applications and require a reliable container to hold and heat their samples.