Collection of 50 Minerals

Collection of 50 Minerals

used in Gems Industry, Cement, Ceramic, Paints, Paper, Building a House, Kitchen, Transport, Health & Medicine, Metals, Chemical, Agriculture & Foundry Industries etc.


The Lab Collection of 50 Minerals is a comprehensive set of 50 different mineral specimens carefully selected and curated for educational purposes. The collection includes a diverse range of minerals, such as quartz, feldspar, calcite, and pyrite, each with its unique physical properties and characteristics.

The minerals come in different sizes and shapes, and the collection includes a guidebook with information about each mineral’s properties and how they are formed.

This kit is an excellent resource for children and students to learn about earth science by exploring the diverse world of minerals and understanding their significance in our everyday lives, such as in the manufacturing of technology and everyday products. With a larger collection, this kit offers a more extensive selection of minerals for a more in-depth understanding of earth science.