Chromatography Apparatus Semi Micro

Chromatography Apparatus Semi Micro

Chromatography Apparatus Semi-Micro

Consists of a funnel reservoir 50ml Capacity with B-14 cone and socket, column tube with stopcock 12mm dia, 10cm effective length with B-14 socket, B-19 cone and fused sintered disc. Filtration flask 100ml with B-19 socket and tamping rod 40cm long.


Semi-Micro Chromatography Apparatus is a laboratory setup used to separate and purify small samples of compounds. It is often used in chemical analysis and research and is similar in function to larger-scale chromatography apparatus. The main difference between the semi-micro and macro chromatography apparatus is the size of the column and the amount of sample that can be processed.

Semi-micro chromatography apparatus typically consists of a sample injector, a chromatography column, a detector, and a collection system.

The sample injector is used to introduce the sample into the chromatography column, the chromatography column contains the stationary phase that separates the components of the sample, the detector measures the quantity of the individual components as they elute from the column, and the collection system collects the purified sample components. The semi-micro chromatography apparatus is designed to handle small samples and provides high-resolution separation, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.