Banana Socket

Banana Socket

Catalogue No. – 16720
Coloured ABS Plastic moulded 4 mm
hole with double nut (Black, Red,
Yellow, Green, Blue) [table “16720” not found /]

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A lab banana socket is a type of electrical connector commonly used in laboratory settings to connect wires and cables to test equipment or other devices. It consists of a cylindrical metal sleeve with a spring-loaded banana-shaped plug that can be inserted into the sleeve. The plug typically has a diameter of 4 mm and a length of 19 mm, while the sleeve may be mounted on a panel or circuit board and can accept one or more plugs.

The term “banana” comes from the shape of the plug, which is curved like a banana to allow for easy insertion and removal. Lab banana sockets are commonly used in conjunction with banana plugs, which are similar connectors with a cylindrical body and a spring-loaded pin that can be inserted into the socket. When connected, the plug and socket form a secure, low-resistance electrical connection that allows for accurate measurements and reliable data acquisition in laboratory experiments.