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An ammeter is a laboratory instrument used to measure the electrical current flowing through a circuit. It is typically connected in series with the circuit so that all the current flowing through the circuit also flows through the ammeter.

The ammeter measures the electrical current by measuring the magnetic field produced by the current. It contains a coil of wire that is placed in the magnetic field produced by the current. The current flowing through the coil produces a magnetic field that interacts with the magnetic field of the circuit. The interaction produces a torque that moves a pointer or a digital display on the instrument, indicating the magnitude and direction of the current.

Ammeters are available in different types and ranges, depending on the magnitude of the current being measured. They can be analog or digital and can measure currents ranging from microamps to kiloamps. Analog ammeters typically have a needle that moves across a calibrated scale, while digital ammeters display the current on a numerical display.

Ammeters are commonly used in electronics, electrical engineering, and physics laboratories to measure current in circuits. They are also used in industry for monitoring and controlling the current in various electrical systems.