Allihn /Bulb Condenser

Allihn /Bulb Condenser

Allihn /Bulb Condenser

  • Provides increased cooling surface
  • Ideal for reflux application

Other joint sizes can also be offered

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Catalogue No.Effective LengthSocket SizeCone Size
11353/01 20019/2619/26
11353/02 30024/2924/29
11353/03 40029/3229/32
11353/04 50024/2924/29
11353/05 60034/3534/35


The Allihn condenser, also known as the Bulb condenser, is a type of condenser used in laboratory distillation and reflux experiments. It consists of a glass coil surrounded by a jacket through which a cooling fluid is circulated, allowing for efficient heat transfer and condensation of vapor.

The design of the Allihn condenser allows for effective cooling while also providing a large surface area for condensation, making it a commonly used tool in laboratory chemistry experiments.