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Abacus 10-Rows/ Place Value Board

Abacus 10-Rows/ Place Value Board

Catalogue No. – 19254
Same as M-17 but 10-rows to solve whole number to billion, decimal to 10,000 and number system & including comma, decimal points etc. [table “19254” not found /]


The Lab Abacus 10-Rows/ Place Value Board is an educational tool designed to help children understand the concepts of place value and basic arithmetic operations. The kit includes a wooden frame with ten rows of ten wooden beads each, and a set of activity cards with different exercises to guide children through the learning process.

The Abacus and Place Value Board can be used to teach children how to count, add, subtract, and multiply numbers, as well as to help them understand the significance of place value.

The wooden beads can be moved along the rows to represent different numbers and values, making it a visual and interactive tool for learning. The Abacus and Place Value Board is a great tool for parents, teachers, and caregivers who are looking for a fun and effective way to teach children basic math skills.