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The microscope has been a literal window into the unknown for scientists and explorers alike throughout history. The incredible magnifier, used by practically every great scientist, innovator, and disruptor over the past 600 years and counting, has become an integral part of institutions like universities, research facilities, and private workshops.

A microscope is a great choice if you want to show your own sense of wonder because it has been used as a symbol of curiosity, depth, and discovery for a long time.

The microscope is one of the most important pieces of scientific equipment available today, with applications ranging from the hard sciences to the humanities.

Uses of Microscope

A microscope is an optical tool used to investigate minuscule objects that the human eye is unable to see. In essence, microscopes magnify objects by first bending and refracting light waves through lenses. The image can then be seen through the eyepiece lens, which magnifies it even more for viewing. This optical tool is very helpful in a wide range of school subjects, especially science.

Schools and laboratories frequently use microscopes. You have undoubtedly used a microscope for a science experiment involving magnifying items at least once throughout your scholastic career. People are generally aware of the following common uses for microscopes:

  • Research on Individual Cells and Tissues
  • Health and pathological studies
  • Taking a look at the forensic evidence
  • Investigating subatomic systems and structures
  • Development of Nanotechnology Studies

You’ll be astonished to learn, though, that these uses pale in comparison to what the microscope can accomplish once you enter the health sector, which is the main sector that gains the most from its use.

Different Kinds of Microscopes :

Here are few different kinds of microscopes manufactured by MEDILAB, with their unique characteristics, and applications:

Simple Microscope

A simple microscope’s optics use a small convex mirror with a tiny focal area, resulting in a shorter focal length. Handheld lenses and eyepiece lenses are the most common types of basic microscopes.

In general, the lens employed in a simple microscope only allows for a single magnification setting. They are used as a traditional microscope in classrooms to start students’ interest in science.

Compound Light Microscopes

The majority of people who utilise microscopes do so with a compound microscope. The lens on this microscope is made of a special composite material. The compound medium enables very clear scaling at smooth magnifications.

A compound microscope needs artificial lighting in order to be able to observe a specimen, in contrast to a basic microscope, which may use whatever light happens to be available.

For study, a compound microscope is very beneficial. The majority of these microscopes are employed to examine scientific material for scholarly or investigative objectives. They are primarily employed in medical colleges and laboratories.

Stereo Microscope

The low magnification capabilities of a stereo or stereoscopic microscope make it ideal for studying biological samples. The microscope works because light bounces off the surface of the specimen instead of going through the medium.

Whenever clear, three-dimensional images are required, chemical labs are a common setting for stereo microscopes. This type of microscope is the only one that can make images as good as those made by electron microscopes and other very powerful microscopes.

Because of the high clarity of the images they provide, stereo microscopes are widely regarded as the best option. These microscopes are not very expensive but also low-maintenance and efficient in their use. They can be used to look at and take apart parts, work with circuit boards, and see raw materials.

From the above kinds of Microscopes manufactured by MEDILAB, there are a few sub types associated with these kinds of microscopes, with their associated applications, as follows:

  • Student microscopes- Student microscope is easy to use, sturdy and economical. It allows observers to see intricate cell details. The ranges of student microscopes we offer are an excellent choice for students across all grades and science lovers.
  • Monocular microscopes- Monocular microscopes are used to study microscopic-sized organisms, plants, and cells. Magnification ranges typically from 40x to 1400x with most useful observations being carried out in the 100x to 400x range.
  • Binocular microscopes- Similar to the monocular microscopes, but with two eyepieces allowing less eyestrain and ease of analysis. However, both eyepieces are trained onto a single objective lens so all views are flat.
  • Research microscopes- Scientific microscopes or research microscopes are designed for applications in scientific research. Being powerful, high-grade devices, scientific microscopes are often used in higher education and research labs, are majorly used for professional’s use.
  • Digital microscopes– The digital microscope functions as a standard stand-alone microscope, but since it includes a digital camera, it can be connected to a computer with the included USB cable and becomes a digital video microscope.
  • Pathological microscopes- Pathological Microscopes are the ones used for blood testing, observation of RBS’s, WBC’s, and used by Pathologists and Doctors in the course of Blood Testings.

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