Glassware Jointed Flasks

RB Flasks

Round-Bottom (RB) Flasks, or boiling flasks, being the most common of the jointed flasks is mostly used in synthesis experiments since the round shape allows for even heating and stirring. The neck of RB Flask is available with a ground joint that can be attached to a condenser or any other piece of glassware assembly. Flask size ranges from 50 mL to 20,000 ml.

Several Jointed Flasks find their use in Scientific Laboratories. MEDILAB offers Flasks like Round bottom, flat bottom, pear shape, conical, single neck, multi neck and more. We at MEDILAB manufacture Flasks size ranging from 5 ml to 20,000 ml.

All ground glass joints / standard taper joints are manufactured as per Standards and under strict tolerances to ensure the perfect fit, preventing vacuum leak. 

Coloured Flasks-Medilab

MEDILAB also offers multi-coloured printing on these flasks, to make your lab glass colourful and distinctive.






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