Water Still

Water Still

Catalogue No. – 19040
stainless steel body, electrically operated, fitted with easily replaceable heaters.

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Water still, also known as a distillation apparatus or distiller, is a laboratory instrument that is used for purifying water by removing impurities, such as minerals, salts, and organic compounds. It works by heating water in a boiling flask, which vaporizes the water and leaves behind impurities. The vapor then condenses on a cooled surface, such as a condenser tube or a coil, and drips into a collection flask as purified water.

The process of distillation can be repeated multiple times to increase the purity of the water. Water stills are commonly used in laboratory settings, such as chemistry, biology, and research, where high-purity water is required for experiments, analysis, or instrument calibration. They are also used in medical and pharmaceutical industries for the production of sterile water and for the preparation of intravenous fluids.

Water stills are available in various sizes and capacities, ranging from small benchtop units to large industrial models, to fit different laboratory requirements. They are an essential instrument for laboratory work and require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure optimal performance and purity of the distilled water.