Test Tube Block

Test Tube Block

These MEDILAB Test Tube Rack are constructed from solid wood material. It contains 15 slotted holes accommodating tubes up to 12mm in dia.


A wooden test tube block is a laboratory accessory used to hold test tubes in a secure and organized manner during experiments. It is typically made of wood, with multiple holes or slots to accommodate test tubes of varying sizes. The wooden material is non-reactive, making it ideal for use in chemistry labs, and it can withstand high temperatures and harsh chemicals.

Test tube blocks are designed to keep test tubes stable and prevent them from rolling or tipping over, reducing the risk of contamination and damage. Wooden test tube blocks are preferred over plastic or metal blocks in some instances because they do not interfere with the chemical reactions taking place in the lab.

Wooden test tube blocks come in various sizes and can hold different numbers of test tubes depending on the size of the holes or slots. They are commonly used in scientific laboratories, medical facilities, and educational settings. After use, they can be easily cleaned and disinfected for reuse.