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Still Head

Still Head

Still Head plain with thermometer socket (socket size 14/23). Material : Borosilicate 3.3. Availablity in different sizes…..

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A still head is a component of a distillation apparatus used in chemical processes such as distillation, fractional distillation, and reflux. It is used to connect the distillation flask to the condenser and acts as a bridge between the two. The still head is attached to the neck of the distillation flask and has a ground glass joint that allows it to be connected to the condenser.

The design of the still head can vary depending on the specific application and it may have one or more ports to allow the addition of thermometers, additional funnels, or other components.

The still head is crucial in ensuring efficient and safe distillation by providing a secure and leak-proof connection between the distillation flask and the condenser.