Staining Box

Staining Box

This Staining Box helps in staining, fixing, de-staining and handling fragile electrophoresis gels and membranes. Box, as well as the cover, will resist temperatures from -70 c + 70 c. The LDPE plug provides a leakproof seal and allows easy liquid drainage.

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12100/01125 x 125 x 50mm2 Pcs.


A staining box is laboratory equipment used in microscopy to stain biological samples such as cells, tissues, and bacteria. The staining box provides a controlled environment for staining and helps to minimize contamination and evaporation. It typically consists of a small chamber with a cover and is designed to hold glass slides, Petri dishes, or other small specimens.

The box has openings or vents that allow the introduction of staining reagents and other liquids while keeping the specimens inside. The cover of the staining box helps to maintain a stable environment and prevent the loss of staining reagents.

Some staining boxes may also have adjustable compartments or racks to accommodate different sizes of specimens. The use of staining boxes is essential for obtaining consistent and accurate results in staining procedures and for studying the morphology of cells and tissues under a microscope.