Soil Meter

Soil Meter

Catalogue No. – 13104
The instrument is for detecting saturation percentage of water in soil.
It is workable on 9V battery 3.5 digit display. Complete with 20cm electrode and wooden box. [table “13104” not found /]

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A soil meter is a device used to measure various properties of soil. The most common types of soil meters measure soil pH, moisture content, and temperature.

Soil pH meters typically consist of a probe that is inserted into the soil and a digital display that shows the pH reading. Soil pH is an important factor in plant growth and health, as it affects nutrient availability and soil chemistry.

Soil moisture meters also use a probe inserted into the soil to measure the amount of water in the soil. This information is important for determining when to water plants and how much water to use.

Soil temperature meters typically use a probe to measure the temperature of the soil at various depths. This information is important for understanding the thermal characteristics of the soil and how it affect plant growth.

Soil meters are commonly used by gardeners, farmers, and researchers to monitor and optimize soil conditions for plant growth. They are also useful for diagnosing soil problems and identifying nutrient deficiencies or excesses.