Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporator, ‘Digital Vertical’

Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporator, ‘Digital Vertical’

the mechanism is similar to the above (Digital Diagonal) but provided with a vertical type condenser. This enables long cooling surface, which provides efficient short time, condensation of solute, and also requires less bench space.

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A rotary vacuum film evaporator with a “Digital Vertical” design is a laboratory instrument used to concentrate or remove solvents from a sample. The rotary vacuum film evaporator works by applying a vacuum to a rotating flask containing the sample, causing the solvent to evaporate and be removed from the sample.

The solvent vapor is then condensed and collected in a separate flask. The “Digital Vertical” design refers to the orientation of the evaporator, with the sample flask and condenser arranged vertically. This design allows for a more compact and efficient use of laboratory space.

The digital aspect likely refers to the use of electronic temperature control and monitoring, which provides precise temperature regulation and increased efficiency. This type of rotary vacuum film evaporator is commonly used in chemical and pharmaceutical research, as well as in the preparation of samples for analysis.