Made of pressure Die cast Zinc alloy, nickel platted body, four prong cork lined jaw clamp fitted to 2″long mild steel nickel plated rod, rotatable & loackable at any angle . fitted with a booss head with mild steel thumb type screw key accepts objects up to 100mm dia.

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A retort clamp cross zinc rotatable is a laboratory apparatus used to securely hold and support a retort, flask or other laboratory glassware during an experiment. It consists of a zinc-plated metal clamp with four prongs that can be adjusted to fit the size of the glassware. The clamp is designed with a rotatable joint that allows for flexibility in positioning the glassware.

The retort clamp is typically attached to a laboratory stand or support rod using a separate holder or adapter. Once attached, the glassware can be inserted into the clamp and held securely in place during the experiment. The rotatable joint allows for easy adjustment of the angle and orientation of the glassware, making it easier to observe and measure.

The zinc plating of the clamp provides resistance to corrosion and ensures durability. The retort clamp cross zinc rotatable is commonly used in chemistry experiments, particularly in distillation procedures that require a retort or other glassware to be held securely in place during the process.