Adapter Recovery Bend, Sloping end

Adapter Recovery Bend, Sloping end

Recovery Bend, Sloping end is made up of Borosilicate 3.3 material.

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An adapter recovery bend is a laboratory glassware component that is used to connect two pieces of glassware with different joint sizes. It is typically a bent piece of glass tubing with a ground glass joint on one end and a sidearm with a smaller joint on the other end. The adapter recovery bend allows the connection of two glassware pieces that have different joint sizes, facilitating the creation of a multi-neck flask setup in distillation and other chemical processes.

An adapter recovery bend with a sloping end refers to a bend with a downward slant or slope at the end of the sidearm, allowing for the easy collection of liquids.

The sloping end helps to minimize contamination and dripping, making it useful for applications where accuracy and cleanliness are important. The sloping end is particularly useful in distillation and reaction setups where it is important to collect the condensate in a controlled manner.