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Receiver Adapters, Multiple

Receiver Adapters, Multiple

Receiver Adapters, multiple

  • With Multiple Connection & vacuum connection

Can also be provided with screw thread

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A receiver adapter, multiple, is a type of laboratory glassware accessory used to connect multiple receiver flasks to a single condenser or other glassware components. It consists of a central tube with multiple sockets at one end that fits onto the necks of the receiver flasks and a single cone at the other end that fits into the joint of the condenser or other component.

The multiple designs of the adapter allow for the connection of multiple receiver flasks to a single condenser, enabling the simultaneous collection of different liquids or gases in separate containers. The receiver adapter, multiple, is commonly used in chemical experiments, especially in the areas of distillation and reflux, where it is necessary to collect different fractions of a mixture.

The adapter ensures a tight seal between the glassware components, minimizing the risk of leakage or contamination during the experiment. The multiple designs of the adapter also provide the ability to perform multiple experiments in parallel, reducing the time and resources needed for a series of experiments.