Reagent Bottle, Narrow Mouth

Reagent Bottle, Narrow Mouth

Reagent Bottle, narrow mouth with interchangeable glass stopper (solid /hollow stopper)

  • Complies with EN ISO 4796 – 2
  • Sturdy ground neck
  • Mechanically strong and chemical resistant
  • Supplied with solid/hollow glass stopper
  • Printing in white color enamel

Also available in Amber color and with Plastic Stopper


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A lab reagent bottle is a laboratory container that is used to store and dispense chemicals, reagents, and other liquids. It is typically made of glass or plastic and is used in chemical and scientific laboratories. The reagent bottle usually has a narrow neck and a wide base, and it is designed to be easy to pour and measure. The bottle typically has a label on the side that indicates the contents of the bottle and any relevant information such as the date of opening, the expiry date, or any precautions.

Lab reagent bottles come in a variety of sizes and are used to store and dispense a wide range of liquids. They can be used to store both solids and liquids, and are available in different materials such as glass, plastic, and polypropylene. They are also available in different colors, such as amber, clear, and blue to protect the contents from light. Many reagent bottles are equipped with screw caps or dropper caps for easy dispensing.

Reagent bottles are used in many different fields such as chemistry, biology, and materials science to store and dispense chemicals, reagents, and other liquids. They are easy to clean and can be used multiple times.