Reagent Bottle, Narrow Mouth, with Screw Cap

Reagent Bottle, Narrow Mouth, with Screw Cap

Reagent Bottle, narrow mouth, with screw cap & teflon liner.

  • Suitable for the storage of liquids in laboratories.



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A Reagent Bottle with Narrow Mouth and Screw Cap is a type of laboratory equipment used for storing and dispensing liquids. It is characterized by its narrow opening and a screw cap that provides a tight and secure seal. The narrow mouth of the bottle makes it easier to control the flow of liquids, preventing spills and waste.

The screw cap provides a leak-proof seal, keeping the contents of the bottle fresh and protected from external contamination. Reagent bottles with narrow mouths and screw caps are made of glass or plastic and are available in various sizes to suit different applications.

They are commonly used in chemical, pharmaceutical, and biological laboratories for storing and dispensing reagents, solvents, and other liquids.