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Rack For Micro Tube

Rack For Micro Tube

This autoclavable rack is ideal for sample processing and short or medium term storage of samples in a freezer. This rack can be stacked as well as coupled to other racks on all sides. 24 places. Material: PP Autoclavable

Catalogue No.Particulars
12138/010.5 ml
12138/021.5 ml


A rack for micro tubes is a laboratory tool used to hold and organize micro centrifuge tubes. Micro centrifuge tubes are small, cylindrical containers used in laboratory settings for storing, mixing, and centrifuging liquids. The rack provides a convenient and organized storage solution for micro tubes and is designed to hold multiple tubes at once, allowing for the efficient handling and storage of samples.

Racks for micro tubes are commonly made of a durable and chemically-resistant material, such as polypropylene or polycarbonate, and can come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different numbers and sizes of micro tubes. They often have a modular design, allowing for the stacking and organization of multiple racks, and may include features such as numbered wells, color coding, or labeling for easy sample identification.

The use of a rack for micro tubes helps to maintain the quality and organization of samples and provides a convenient and efficient way to store and access micro tubes in the laboratory.