Power Supply 0-30 Volts 3 Amp. Model

Power Supply 0-30 Volts 3 Amp. Model

Catalogue No. – 13019
This supply is designed to meet requirement of general laboratory.
Continuously variable 0 to 30V D.C. at current 0 to 3A, continuous.
Load regulation [table “13019” not found /]

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The power supply 0-30 volts 3 amp model is a laboratory power supply that provides a variable output voltage of up to 30 volts and a maximum output current of 3 amps.

The power supply typically consists of a transformer, rectifier, voltage regulator, and display screen, housed in a compact metal case with knobs and switches for adjusting the voltage and current settings. The display screen shows the voltage and current output in real-time.

This type of power supply is commonly used in laboratory and educational settings for powering and testing electronic devices such as circuits, motors, and sensors. The variable output voltage and current make it versatile for a range of applications, and the compact size and portability allow for easy transport and use in various locations.