Optical Bench

Optical Bench

Catalogue No. – 16215
double aluminum pipe, with accessories.

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The Optical Bench is a laboratory instrument used to study the properties of light and the behavior of optical components, such as lenses, prisms, and mirrors. It consists of a long, straight rail with a series of slots and holes along its length, onto which various optical components can be mounted.

The optical bench is typically illuminated by a light source placed at one end of the rail, and the light travels along the bench, interacting with the optical components placed along its path.

The position of the optical components on the bench can be precisely adjusted, allowing for the measurement of various properties of the light beam, such as its angle, position, and focal length. The optical bench is commonly used in physics and engineering education to teach the principles of optics and to conduct experiments related to optics, such as the study of lenses, mirrors, and interferometers.