Meker Burner

Meker Burner

Catalogue No. – 19029

Catalogue No.Type
19029/01with stopcock
19029/02without stopcock


A Meker Burner is a laboratory burner used for heating and sterilizing materials in chemical and biological experiments. It is a type of gas burner that produces a hot, non-luminous flame suitable for high-temperature applications.

The burner consists of a cylindrical brass tube with several small holes around the base, which allow air to mix with the gas as it exits the burner. The gas is usually supplied from a gas cylinder through a rubber hose and regulated by a gas valve.

When the gas is ignited, it produces a blue flame with a temperature of around 1000°C, making it suitable for applications such as heating solutions, sterilizing equipment, and melting metals. The Meker Burner’s flame is highly stable, and the spread of heat is even, making it an ideal tool for laboratory experiments that require controlled and precise heating.

Overall, Meker Burners are a reliable and versatile tool used in many laboratory settings, including chemistry, biology, and materials science. They are commonly used in chemical analysis, glassblowing, and metalworking due to their high heat output and even heat distribution.