Measuring Cylinder Pentagonal, PP

Measuring Cylinder Pentagonal, PP

Adding to the range of round & hexagonal base cylinders are the pentagonal ones. Prominently raised graduation & excellent contact clarity are among the other features of these cylinders. Material : Polypropylene

Catalogue No.Capacity
12103/0110 ml
12103/0225 ml
12103/350 ml
12103/4100 ml
12103/5250 ml
12103/6500 ml
12103/71000 ml
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A measuring cylinder with a pentagonal shape made of polypropylene (PP) is a laboratory apparatus used for measuring the volume of liquids. The cylinder is marked with graduated markings on the side which indicate the volume of the liquid contained in the cylinder.

The pentagonal shape of the measuring cylinder provides stability and prevents the cylinder from rolling, making it easier to use. Measuring cylinders are commonly used in laboratory settings for tasks such as dispensing reagents, measuring volumes of liquids, or mixing solutions.

The use of a PP material makes the measuring cylinder durable, lightweight, and resistant to chemicals commonly used in the laboratory. Additionally, polypropylene is chemically resistant and can be used with a wide range of liquids without the risk of contamination or corrosion.