Linear Air Track Set complete

Linear Air Track Set complete


A Linear Air Track Set is a physics laboratory equipment used for experiments on motion, momentum, collisions, and friction. The set consists of a long, narrow aluminum track with a series of small holes that allow air to flow through it. The track is supported by two adjustable feet that can be leveled to ensure that it is horizontal.

The set also includes a series of small gliders or carts that can move smoothly along the track with minimal friction due to the air cushion provided by the holes. The carts have a mass that can be adjusted by adding or removing small weights.

The Linear Air Track Set also includes various accessories like bumpers, magnets, and springs that can be attached to the carts to investigate collisions and other phenomena. The set is also equipped with sensors and timers that can be used to measure the speed and acceleration of the carts.

The Linear Air Track Set is widely used in physics education, from high school to university level, to conduct experiments on linear motion, conservation of momentum, and elastic and inelastic collisions. It provides a simple and accurate way to demonstrate complex concepts in a hands-on manner, making it an essential tool for physics education and research.