Double Convex Lens

Double Convex Lens

Catalogue No. – 16203
Double convex, different focal lengths available

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A double convex lens, also known as a converging lens, is a lens that is thicker at its center than at its edges. The lens is convex on both sides, which causes light rays passing through it to converge or come together. This makes the double convex lens useful for focusing light and creating magnified images.

When light rays pass through a double convex lens, they are refracted or bent towards the center of the lens. This causes the light to converge and form a real image on the opposite side of the lens. The size and location of the image depend on the distance between the lens and the object being viewed.

Double convex lenses are commonly used in optical instruments such as cameras, telescopes, and microscopes to magnify and focus light. They are also used in eyeglasses to correct farsightedness, which is a condition in which objects appear blurry when they are close. Additionally, they can be used in scientific experiments to manipulate light and create precise images.