Laser Diode

Laser Diode

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Low line diffraction grating for Laser wavelength.

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A laser diode is a semiconductor device that produces coherent and monochromatic light, which is used in a wide range of applications, including telecommunications, printing, barcode scanning, laser pointers, and CD/DVD players.

The laser diode works on the principle of stimulated emission of radiation. When a current is passed through the diode, it generates a population inversion of electrons, where a majority of them are in the excited state. When these electrons return to their ground state, they emit photons of light in a narrow and well-defined wavelength. These photons bounce back and forth between the two ends of the laser diode, producing a highly concentrated beam of light.

Laser diodes come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from tiny chips to large arrays. They are also available in different wavelengths, ranging from ultraviolet to infrared, and are used in a wide range of applications, including fiber-optic communications, laser printing, barcode scanning, laser surgery, and military and aerospace applications.

The main advantages of laser diodes over other types of light sources are their small size, low power consumption, and high efficiency. They are also highly reliable and can be modulated at high frequencies, making them ideal for use in high-speed communication systems.