Hydra L.S Model

Hydra L.S Model

Showing mouth, coelenterons, testis, gland cells, ovum, ovary etc. Mounted on board size 240 x 400mm approximately with numbered Key Card.

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A Hydra L.S. model is a type of educational tool used to study the anatomy and structure of Hydra, a type of freshwater polyp that belongs to the phylum Cnidaria. Hydra are simple, freshwater animals that are characterized by their ability to regenerate lost body parts and their unique method of obtaining food.

The Hydra L.S. model is typically a longitudinal section of a Hydra, showing its internal structure and different parts, such as the gastrovascular cavity, nematocysts, and tentacles. By studying the model, students can learn about the anatomy of Hydra and how it functions, including its digestive system, reproductive system, and method of obtaining food.

Hydra L.S. models are often used in biology classrooms and other educational settings to help students understand the anatomy and behavior of this unique and important type of organism. They can be particularly useful for demonstrating the basic structure of Cnidarians and the unique features of these animals, such as their ability to regenerate lost body parts.