Human Trunk Model

Human Trunk Model

The left thigh has a portion cut away to reveal the lymphatic and blood vasculature found in this location as well. Contains 2 lungs, heart, liver, stomach, intestines, and top of the urinary bladder

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A human trunk model is a type of educational tool used to study the anatomy and structure of the human trunk. The human trunk is the main part of the body and encompasses the chest, abdomen, and pelvis.

The human trunk model is a three-dimensional representation of the human trunk, showing its internal structure and different parts, such as the ribs, spinal column, major organs, and muscles. By studying the model, students can learn about the anatomy of the human trunk and how it functions, including its role in supporting the body, protecting vital organs, and facilitating movement.

Human trunk models are often used in anatomy and physiology classrooms and other educational settings to help students understand the anatomy and function of the human trunk. They can be particularly useful for demonstrating the structure of the human trunk and the relationships between different parts, as well as the anatomy and function of the different organs and systems that are housed within the trunk.