Hen Dissection Model

Hen Dissection Model

Natural size, showing right side, the feathers and the other side showing internal organs. Mounted on base all parts with numbered Key Card.

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A hen dissection model is a type of biological specimen or educational tool used to study the anatomy and physiology of birds. The hen is typically preserved and mounted in a way that allows for easy viewing and examination of its internal structures, such as its digestive system, respiratory system, and reproductive system.

Hen dissection models are commonly used in science classrooms and educational settings to teach students about anatomy and physiology. By dissecting a hen model, students can learn about the different systems and structures within the bird and how they work together to allow the hen to survive and thrive.

Hen dissection is a popular activity in high school and college biology classes, as chickens are relatively easy to obtain and have relatively simple anatomy compared to other birds. It is important to note that hen dissection models are typically preserved specimens and are not live animals. Ethical considerations should be taken into account when using such models for educational purposes.