Funnel Holder, PP

Funnel Holder, PP

These corrosion free Funnel Holders can hold funnels with dia 3″ to 6″. The extra plate provided can be placed to hold funnels bearing dia 1″ to 3″. Two tapered wedges are provided to ensure firm grip on Rods having dia 1/2″ or 3/8″. Material : Polypropylene

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12021/01Single12 Pcs.
12021/02Doub le6 Pcs.
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A funnel holder, PP (polypropylene) is a laboratory equipment used to hold and support a funnel in a vertical position. It is made of polypropylene, a type of plastic that is known for its durability, chemical resistance, and low cost. The funnel holder typically consists of a base with several arms that hold the funnel in place, allowing the contents of the funnel to be easily poured or transferred to another container.

Funnel holders are commonly used in laboratory settings for a variety of applications, including filtration, transfer of liquids, or filling containers. They are available in various sizes, ranging from small holders for small-scale experiments to large holders for large-scale operations.

The polypropylene construction makes the funnel holder suitable for use in applications where glass is not appropriate, such as with light-sensitive materials or when working with hazardous chemicals. Funnel holders are also easy to clean and can be used repeatedly, making them a popular choice for laboratory use.