Fulcrum Balance

Fulcrum Balance

It Helps in studying how changing the distance from the fulcrum changes the mechanical advantage. Students can figure out the balance point for a given set of masses.


A wooden Fulcrum Balance, also known as a wooden lever balance, is a simple device used to measure the weight or mass of an object. It consists of a wooden beam or lever with a fulcrum, or pivot point, in the middle. Two pans are suspended from each end of the beam, where the object to be weighed is placed.

When an object is placed on one of the pans, it exerts a force on the beam that causes it to tilt. The position of the object on the pan determines how much force it exerts, and the balance is adjusted by sliding weights along the beam until both pans are level, indicating that the forces on each side are equal. The weight of the object can then be read off a scale that is marked on the beam.

Wooden Fulcrum Balances are simple, reliable and easy to use. They have been used for centuries in a variety of applications, from weighing goods in markets to scientific experiments.