Earthworm Dissection Model

Earthworm Dissection Model

anatomical parts (mouth, buccal cavity, pharynx, spermathecae, aortic arches, esophagus, crop, gizzard, intestine, dorsal blood vessel, setae, cuticle, lymph gland, ventral nerve cord, accessory gland etc.

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The earthworm dissection model is a three-dimensional representation of an earthworm that has been dissected to reveal its internal anatomy. The model is typically made of plastic or rubber and shows the various structures of the earthworm’s body, including the digestive, circulatory, nervous, and reproductive systems.

The earthworm dissection model is used in biology education to help students learn about the anatomy and physiology of earthworms and to understand their role in the ecosystem.

By dissecting the model, students can learn about the functions of different organs and how they work together to sustain life. The earthworm dissection model may also be used in scientific research to study the effects of environmental toxins and other factors on earthworm health and behavior.