Dissecting Set

Dissecting Set

Catalogue No. – 19066
consists of 14 instruments, stainless steel, packed in a rexine pouch bag. [table “19066” not found /]


A lab dissecting set is a collection of tools used for dissecting and examining biological specimens in a laboratory setting. The set typically includes a variety of instruments, such as scissors, forceps, probes, and scalpels, that are used to manipulate and examine biological tissues and organs.

Dissecting sets are commonly used in anatomy, biology, and other life sciences courses, as well as in research settings, where they are used to study the structure and function of plants, animals, and microorganisms.

The quality and design of the tools in a dissecting set can vary depending on the intended use and the level of precision required. High-quality sets may include instruments with fine tips for delicate work and ergonomic handles for comfort during extended use.

In addition to the tools themselves, a dissecting set may also include accessories such as a dissecting pan, a storage case, and replacement blades. The use of a dissecting set is an important part of laboratory procedures in the life sciences, allowing for precise examination and manipulation of biological specimens.