Delivery Adapters

Delivery Adapters

long stem, length 200 mm approx,

Short stem can also be provided

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Catalogue No.Socket SizeShort Stem Approx. Lenth (mm)Pcs. / Pack
Catalogue No.Socket SizeLong Stem Approx. Lenth (mm)Pcs. / Pack


Delivery adapters are laboratory glassware accessories used to connect a delivery tube to a flask or other glassware component. They consist of a tube with a socket at one end that fits onto the neck of the flask or component and a cone at the other end that fits into the joint of a delivery tube.

Delivery adapters are commonly used in chemical experiments, especially in the areas of distillation and reflux, where it is important to have a secure and leak-proof connection between the flask and the delivery tube. The adapter ensures a tight seal between the glassware components, minimizing the risk of leakage or contamination during the experiment.

The cone end of the adapter allows the connection of a delivery tube, enabling the safe and controlled transfer of liquids or gases from the flask to another container or system. Delivery adapters are available in a variety of designs, materials, and sizes to suit the specific needs of different laboratory experiments.