Cryo Cooler

Cryo Cooler

Used for cell cryo preservation and recovery, this cooler gives -1 c /min cooling rate for 18 cryo vials of 1.8ml. The cooler needs 100% isopropyl alochol and mechanical freezer.

Catalogue No.ParticularsPacking
12144/011 or 1.8,18 pieces


A cryo cooler is a type of refrigeration device used in laboratory settings to store and transport temperature-sensitive samples or reagents at ultra-low temperatures. Cryo coolers are designed to maintain temperatures as low as -150°C, making them ideal for storing and transporting materials that require extremely low-temperature storage, such as biological samples, vaccines, and other temperature-sensitive materials.

These coolers typically have a compact refrigeration unit, which is powered by an AC adapter or a battery, and are designed to maintain a constant temperature, ensuring the stability and preservation of stored materials. Cryo coolers are commonly used in a variety of laboratory applications, including research, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.

The use of a cryo cooler helps to maintain the quality and stability of samples and provides a convenient and portable solution for maintaining a controlled temperature in the laboratory.