Cryo Coders

Cryo Coders

These Coders available in different colours can easily fit into the cap of cryo vials for colour identification of different samples.

Material: Polystyrene

Catalogue No.CapacityPacking
12069/011.8 ml1000 Pcs.
12069/024.5 ml500 Pcs.

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Cryo coders are a type of labeling system specifically designed for use with cryogenic samples and vials. They are used to identify and track samples in cryogenic storage, such as in a biobank or a cryogenic freezer.

Cryo coders typically consist of a thermal transfer printer and special labels that are specifically designed to adhere to the surface of a cryogenic vial. The labels are made of materials that are able to withstand extremely low temperatures and harsh conditions encountered in cryogenic storage.

Cryo coders allow for clear, permanent labeling of cryogenic vials, providing a reliable means of tracking and identifying samples. They are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including biobanking, pharmaceutical research, and clinical trials.

By using a cryo coder, researchers and laboratory personnel are able to quickly and accurately label and track their samples, ensuring that the samples are well-organized and can be easily retrieved when needed. This helps to minimize the risk of sample loss or contamination, and ensures that samples are well-preserved for future use.