Coil Condenser / Graham Condenser

Coil Condenser / Graham Condenser

Coil Condenser / Graham Condenser

  • Suitable for Distillation & Reflux applications
  • Large Cooling Surface
  • Comes with Glass Hose Connectors

Other joint sizes can also be offered

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Graham Condenser

Catalogue No.Effective LengthSocket SizeCone Size
11352/01 20024/2924/29
11352/02 30019/2619/26
11352/03 40024/2924/29
11352/04 50029/3229/32
11352/05 60034/3534/35

The Graham condenser is a type of laboratory glass condenser used in chemical reactions. It is similar in design to the Liebig condenser, with a cylindrical glass body and an inner tube that is open at both ends but differs in that the outer jacket is closed at both ends.

The jacket is used to circulate a cooling fluid, usually water or air, to remove heat from the reaction mixture. This helps to condense the reaction vapors and collect the condensate in a receiver. The closed design of the jacket makes the Graham condenser ideal for reactions that are sensitive to air or where a sealed system is desired.