Adapter Cone with Glass Stopcock

Adapter Cone with Glass Stopcock

right angle connection, with glass stopcock

Note: Can also be offered with PTFE key stopcock

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An adapter cone is a laboratory glassware component that is used to connect two pieces of glassware with different joint sizes. It typically consists of a cone-shaped piece of glass tubing with a ground glass joint at one end and a sidearm with a smaller joint at the other end. The adapter cone allows for the connection of two glassware pieces with different joint sizes, facilitating the creation of a multi-neck flask setup in distillation and other chemical processes.

An adapter cone with a glass stopcock refers to an adapter cone that includes a glass valve, known as a stopcock, on the sidearm. The stopcock allows for the regulation of the flow of liquids through the adapter cone.

This feature is particularly useful in distillation and reaction setups, where it is important to control the flow of liquids into or out of a reaction flask. The glass stopcock provides a leak-proof and durable means of controlling the flow of liquids, and it is an important component in many laboratory setups.